I apologize for the slow-down in recent months. A lot has gone on behind the scenes this year, and the ramp up for the summer shows – while wondering if I will even be able to attend them – has been an interesting challenge

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be making some adjustments to the site in the coming months.  I mentioned in my late January entry that I wanted to make the site more topical, and I think the thumb drive failure described in that post was the perfect catalyst.  Going forward, I want the site to have more of a “news site” structure. I’ll still post regular entries; I’m just breaking away from the ComicPress format.

So if you see some wonky structuring on the site, know that I’m working to make it a better place for gaming related news and information.  I think you’ll find it to be a better resource when I am finished.

Thanks for reading!