One of my favorite games for the Commodore 64 was the Great Giana Sisters.  Of course, I didn’t know that the game was called “The Great Giana Sisters” at the time; mine was a hacked version that had replaced the sprites of the game those of Super Mario Brothers, and was even called “Super Mario Brothers.”

The Great Giana Sisters was a platform game released in 1987.  Most people hadn’t heard of the game until recently because it was quickly pulled from the shelves in 1987 after Nintendo threatened to sue over similarities to Super Mario Brothers.  The similarities were certainly there.

Fortunately, over 20 years later, a remake of the game was produced for the Nintendo DS, and last year a Kickstarter was funded to bring a new sequel – Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – to the PC and all consoles.

This game is a gorgeous piece of nostalgia, and I strongly recommend it.  If you like platform games, give it a try.