As many of you know, I like seeing people from convention to convention.  I don’t just mean the people that I am specifically there to see; I also like seeing people completely unrelated to me that are just there for the joy of the show OR those that are working the show.

At this year’s PAX, I had a funny thing happen while standing in line for one of the games.  The young lady in today’s image approached our group with some information, and I recognized her as someone I blogged about from previous conventions.  It was the model, Pepper Mint, and she was one of the Geeky Pinups at GenCon in 2010.

Anyway, when she approached, I lit up a bit and said “Hi!  It’s great to see you again!”

We talked for a moment about what she had been doing, I took a picture, we wished her well, and she moved on.  When I turned back around to the group, I heard the following from one of my friends:

“I can’t believe that we go to a convention and the cosplayers are coming up to Doug to say ‘Hi.'”

Of course, that was just how it appeared; it was me recognizing her when she approached.  But I decided to let them think it was true for a while, as it made for a much better story.