I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but I am working on my final semester of school. I suppose it’s never going to actually be my “final” semester; when I say that I am dedicated to lifelong learning, I generally put my money where my mouth is. Still, I am going to take a short break after graduating this December to catch up on art projects, write a comics in education class, and prepare for the summer shows.

Anyway, I am spending this time pulling together my portfolio for school, and I figured it should probably post a link to it here if anyone wants to see it. It can be found here. I may decide to move it elsewhere at some point, and if I do I will have to return and change this post. Until then, don’t be surprised if my entries on this blog are somewhat sporadic. Completion of the portfolio is going to take up most of my time between now and the year’s end.

Today’s image is one that I used for a poster to promote the use of virtual worlds in education. The original poster (and others that I’ve developed over the years) can be found here.