So last year, I made my debut at GenCon, and it was the best show I ever had.  This year, I decided to get a larger space, so we’re going to see how well it works out.  I haven’t produced as much new art this year as I would have liked; working full time and maintaining a half-time to full-time course load at school will do that to you.  Still, I think I have enough to fill the larger space.  Hopefully it won’t be as jam-packed this year as last year.

Today’s image is going to be my showcase piece for the show. It’s called “Unwrapped: a Mummy’s Night Out.”   I came up with the idea for it just a couple of weeks ago; I guess the idea of mummies going out to watch other mummies unwrap was funny to me.  I tried to get all of the psychographics that one might see at those clubs; I am generally pleased with the way it turned out.