ArenaNet has finally announced a release date for Guild Wars 2: August 28th.

I still remember the day I bought into the first Guild Wars game. I was initially excited about the game because it was free-to-play after the initial purchase.  In time, I learned to love the game on its own merits.  I liked it enough, in fact, to write a review about it, though the review was taken down for DMCA reasons.

I’m mostly excited about the new game because I want to see what the ArenaNet team is capable of doing with a more consistent, less “instance based” world.  Will there be random PvP in the game, as other MMORPG games have provided?  My guess is that the answer is “no,” but I can’t see how they would prevent it in a truly open world setting.

We’ll have to see how it goes.  Until them, you can just visualize me jumping for joy.