This is an entry for the A to Z Challenge (see the sidebar for more information).  These are just some of my initial impressions on the Steam, GOG, and other online games throughout the month.  It is not as much of a review as it is a summary of my feelings on the game.

I recently watched the following interview between Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert.

One thing that you will notice in the interview is a mention of Machinarium as an example of a “true” adventure game.  While I disagree with a few of the assertions about how few adventure games there are available today, I do agree that this is an adventure game in its purest form.

In Machinarium, you play as a small robot that is dumped in a garbage heap.  After helping him to re-assemble himself, you journey with him into a city where he experiences a great adventure.  Machinarium is a point and click adventure that has virtually no twitch elements at all; it’s all about simply thinking about the environment and figuring out how to move around within it.

The art style of this game is a breath of fresh air, and I love that the game was actually made is Flash.  This game gives me hope for Flash as a future game development engine.

When you get a chance, give it a try.