A to Z Challenge: These are just some of my initial impressions on the Steam, GOG, and other online games throughout the month.  It is not as much of a review as it is a summary of my feelings on the game.

Eufloria is a game that gives you seeds and asteroids, and tasks you with growing the population of your plants throughout its small universe.  As you progress through the game, you find other plants trying to crowd you out, and you soon realize that it’s actually a real-time-strategy game hidden within a serene, artsy theme.

As I played through the stages, I felt like I was working my way through the second half of Ender’s Game.  Though the tranquil music gave it the feel of an art game like Flower or Undergarden, I couldn’t help but feel a constant pressure to push forward.  I was actually thinking in terms of “seeds on the front lines vs seeds in the back ranks” and “setting up supply chains.”

There isn’t much to say for this game other than this: if you like RTS, then Eufloria is a light, relaxing experience that still touches on the RTS nerve.  If you don’t like RTS, stay clear of it.