I received confirmation a while ago (but forgot to post here) that an image I submitted for the Origins Game Fair’s program has been accepted.  My image will be for the Film Room, and I will post that image here during the week of the show.  This is a big step for me, as it is my first instances of printed publication outside of a company publication.  While I hope to get more fantasy publications in the future, it’s definitely a start.

Today’s image is a draft of an additional image I submitted for the Seminar Room.  I was the backup for that room, so I figured the chances of it getting accepted were slim.  The benefit of rejection, of course, was that it allowed me to post it here for you today.  This image is specific to this year’s theme, so I don’t think I will be able to use it next year.

I appreciate the opportunity that GAMA has provided for budding artists.  Origins was not only where I started showing my work, but it was also where my eyes were opened to the possibility of creating and selling my own artwork.  I think my medium is the proper fusion of my engineering and art background, and I see a lot of great opportunities going forward.