When I woke up this morning, I went straight to the computer to write down the details of a strange dream before they faded away.  Here were my notes:

Strange dream about a world slowly being deconstructed, and characters that are able to halt and reverse the deconstruction by remembering the way it was.  They have a picture of a scene in a park that slowly changes over time.  They are given clues about the changes by an ever moving thumbtack (which one of the characters realizes is moving) and various small pictures that show the differences (at one point, a skeleton appeared in the pond that wasn’t there before).  As they find each piece, more of the story is revealed to them (unfortunately, the dream didn’t last long enough for me to realize the full story.  It devolved into something about Robin and Batman’s villains).

It seems like it would be an interesting premise for a game to have the characters collecting puzzle pieces that are timed for day and night.  That is, they can only be placed on the image if they are included at the right time of day.  Better yet, the image itself changes between day and night, and each piece must be put in when they whole picture matches the piece being added.  This might be too complicated for most gamers, though.  I don’t know if it would work.

In any case, today’s entry is simply my documentation of the dream.  Hopefully the day will come where I can make it into a working product.