I’ve got a bit of a backlog of video games, and by “a bit,” I mean A FREAKING LOT OF GAMES.  I thought I’d take a moment to list some of them here.

Bayonnetta – I’ve heard amazing things about Bayonetta’s control and combat mechanics.  I didn’t quite see it during the demo, but I am willing to give the game a try based solely on the recommendation of fellow NoobToobers.

Uncharted I and II – Uncharted was part of the initial bundle of used games that I purchased right after getting my PS3, and I really look forward to playing it.  This will probably be a big part of my backlog catch-up this summer.

God of War III – The biggest problem that I have with the God of War series is that my console is in my living room, and I have a 5 and 7 year old living in the house.  For most of the games on this list, I face adventure elements punctuated with moments of violence; with God of War, I face continuous, bloody violence punctuated by ultraviolent boss battles.

Bioshock I and II – I’ve a weak stomach for anything creepy and/or horror-like.  This is one reason why I will probably never watch a Saw film or play “The Path.”  Still, The beauty of the premise of Bioshock warrants my attention.  Also, as a former Ayn Rand acolyte, I understand that I would do my self a disservice by not playing this game.

Darksiders – I wrote about my prior experience with Darksiders a while ago, and I don’t see myself returning to it on the 360.  However, I did pick the game up on Steam on the cheap, and I may return to it in anticipation of Darksiders II.

Freedom Force – I started this game last year, and absolutely loved the comic-booky feel of the game.  On the other hand, this game did give me a slight bout of motion sickness.  If I do return to this game, it will have to be in small bits.

Mass Effect I and II – This is one of the few games that I have had recommended to me by a local gameshop employee that wasn’t a first person shooter.

The Overlord, Hitman, King’s Bounty and Spellforce Series – These are games that I purchased as parts of bundles over the years, and I wonder if it I will ever be able to complete these games.  I almost feel like I should start at the top of my Steam library and go though each game alphabetically.  I don’t know that I will ever be able to finish them, but it would be a great start.

Nearly every D&D Game in the GOG catalog – Like Steam, there anyone with a GOG account that has beaten every game in the backlog?  I could take 2 weeks of vacation, play for 16 hours per day, and would probably still be unable to complete all of these games.  Once again, this is probably going to be one of those “chip away” games that I’ll be playing over the next few years.

Chernobyl: The Legacy Continues… – I may actually have to go back an find a computer running Windows 95 to play this game.  This is a power plant simulator for the Chernobyl plant.  You have an ever growing maintenance schedule, and an ever shortening budget.  Eventually, you start needing to sacrifice important maintenance, and then bad things happen.

Like most gamers, my backlog is actually MUCH larger than this, but I will be happy if I can just chew through this one to get to the other games.