SO I’ve been spending a fair amount of time researching conventions for the coming year.  In addition to the obvious shows (Origins, Gen Con, maybe Dragon Con), I’m looking at some of the smaller shows like Bash Con, CapiCon, and Raven Con.

As I looked though CapriCon’s art show section, I got a chuckle when I saw the requirements for their Annual Artists Challenge.  I’ve emboldened the one that I found particularly funny.

You are challenged to submit a piece in any medium,that fulfills the following requirements:

(1) It must have a goat.

(2) It must have one item from each of the following three categories:

(a) Science Fiction:
* a spaceship (rocket ship, flying saucer, etc.)
* an extra-terrestrial landscape (that is clearly other-worldly)
* a robot

(b) Fantasy
* a dragon
* a character using magic
* a female character in realistic armor (no exposed chests / midriffs / etc.)

(c) Alternate History

* an ‘alternate’ version of a well-known historical figure
* a ‘steampunk’ ray-gun
* a dinosaur

I like that they are attempting to combat the ridiculous TV Tropes of the stripperific nature of female armor.  No, that steel thong is not going to help you in combat.  I wrote about this in a previous blog entry, and all of this can be clearly explained at TV Tropes.  Just look up any of the following, and you’ll find the meme:


Chainmail Bikini

Bare Your Midriff

Cleavage Window

Combat Stilettos

Exposed to the Elements

Leotard of Power

Minidress of Power

Thong of Shielding

Awesome, but Impractical

Warning: if you go to that site, you might be there for hours.