Con on the Cob is such a fun show.  Andy does a really great job of making the artists feel welcome, and of creating a generally fun environment.  While some people like to take their drinking in the evening parties a tad too far, there was so much going on that it was easy to walk away from all of that.  Apart from a few sickness issues (which I will describe in a later entry), I had a wonderful time.

This year, the kids decided to dress as Mario and Luigi during the trick or treating portion of the show.  The vendors played along and brought all sorts of good candies and treats for them.  One vendor even handed out dollar coins!

If you want an enjoyable show that is fun for the whole family, get over Andy’s site and sign up for next year’s show as soon as it is available.  I would encourage any parent who wants to pass the joy of gaming to the next generation to take their family to the show.