I’ve been playing around with Dynamic clothing controls for a while now, and I’m really starting to like it.  I used a dynamic gi for my MMA and Wrestling posts, and a dynamic robe for my Shaak Ti Jedi image.  It’s a great way to get clothing items to work on non-standard characters (like a poncho on a monkey), and it also helps to make my scenes more realistic.

Up to this point, I have been selling the far away version of my Make Love Work piece instead of the closer version.  The main reason for this is the shirt.  In the up-close version, the shirt just looks strange.  While the character expressions definitely show through much better in the closer version, the shirt was awkward enough that I couldn’t bring myself to sell it.

Now that I have the ability to use dynamic clothing, however, I think I will be able to get that image exactly the way I want it for next year.  I’ll probably post it in the coming months.