I’m always amazed by the commitment that people bring to their cosplay at the shows.  Yes, there’s the occasional people that just wear a tail or ears over their regular clothes, but most people really put some time into their outfits.

I’m actually planning to attend Chicago Comic-Con this weekend.  I know I said last year that I wasn’t planning to attend as a customer again, but I think I’ve figured out how to make the show enjoyable.

First, I’ll only go for one day.  Three days is good for gaming shows like GenCon and PAX, but one day of WWCC is more than enough for me.  I’ll get a chance to see the bargains for graphic novels, and I won’t have time to get sick of the show.

Second, I’m taking the kids along.  I think they’ll have a great time getting shots with all of the cosplayers.

That’s one great thing about Comic-Con; the people there are CRAZY about their cosplay.  I think it will be a good time.