We’ve started using the Lectora e-Learning development tool at work, and I’m beginning to dig it.  One of the nice things is that it creates web-ready HTML instead of Flash files.  This makes it more useful on platforms that don’t work with Flash (like the iPhone), but it also compartmentalizes the files and makes them smaller.  As I continue to use it, I’ll post more about it.

One of the funny things that I wanted to mention was the packaging.  Trivantis actually delivers the software in the form of a Lectora Lunchbox.  Within the lunchbox is a thumb-drive shaped like a surfboard with the Lectora logo, a CD, and the product activation key.  I thought you might like to see what the lunchboox actually looks like.  It’s a brilliant idea, really; if I decide to use it as a lunchbox, I’m advertising for them everyday at about noon.