Origins was a relatively good show.  I received a few individual commission requests (hopefully they follow up soon), and I generally had a good time.

I had a lot of time to reflect on the drive home, and I learned a few lessons along the way:

  1. Get your prints and clearbags before the show.  Buying bags locally can get pretty pricy.
  2. Make sure you have enough prints of your popular pieces.
  3. You never know which pieces will be the most popular.
  4. The most sought-after piece will change from day to day.  Sometimes it will be the cynical piece, other times it will be the one you poured your heart into.
  5. Bring a tacklebox filled with all of the general tools that you may possibly need:
    • 3-5 different kinds of tape
    • wire
    • string
    • scissors
    • screws
    • washers
    • staplers
    • EVERY type of signing pen and regular pens
    • Pencils
    • tape measures
    • whatever else you can think of.
  6. Make sure the event organizers know how your name is spelled.  This allows them to spell your name correctly if you win an award.

Again, I had a great time, and I’m champing at the bit for Gen-Con.