OboeCrazy has made me a happy composer…er…arranger.

Between classes and school projects, I’ve been chipping away at various projects.  One of them is a short video advertising Kickle Cubicle and KickleFest.  I made a few images if Kickle breathing rainbows, fighting the chicken boss, and getting the girl.  The last boss that I needed a model for was the turtle, which you see above.  Now (I think) I have a model for all of the characters in the game.  When I get the time, I’ll get around to the video.  Probably sometime in 2014.

In addition to making the images, I’ve been working on an audio track for the video, and that’s what I am here to tell you about today.

A good friend and fellow noobtoober has an ongoing project making musiters.  What is a musiter?  From Lauren’s “about” page:

Musiter is a way to deliver short musical performances and expressions. It’s a play off of Twitter, except instead of offering short text statements Musiter offer short musical ones. Each Musiter performance, or Musette, is 140 notes or less which means each video can be varying lengths depending on the tempo and overall length of the piece.

This is the type of internet meme I want to see spread, and I wanted to contribute my little part: an arrangement of the Kickle Cubicle theme in under 140 notes.  Lauren plays it beautifully here:

Lauren: Keep this thing going.  You have something big here.

Everyone else: Go to Lauren’s site; subscribe to her YouTube channel, and make musiter the next new word in the dictionary.