I’ve been doing a lot of work to prepare for the art shows this summer, and I picked up an awesome new camera.  It’s the FujiFilm W3.

I must say, I am loving 3D photography.  The camera has a lenticular display on its screen, so I can immediately see the 3D effect.  They use a strange format (.mpo), but I was able to find a program that will allow me to go between the MPO and dual JPG files.  It looks like they can put out the prints for about $8 each.  If they can do it with images like the one above, this is going to be an awesome year for art shows.

By the way, most of you that have seen my 3D images are probably used to me using the straight-eyed stereoscopic method.  Today’s image uses the cross-eyed method; if you try to look at it using the straight-eyed method, it will hurt.