Today’s picture is an early draft of a potion fixing character I plan to include in Age of Heroes.

One of the things that followed from my last post was an interest in some of the fan trailers.  I don’t have much else to say in this post other than the fact that it pleases me to see so many people learning how to edit video.  It’s almost as though video editing is the new literacy.

Here are a few examples for your enjoyment.

Green Lantern:

The Oregon Trail

I laughed aloud multiple times on this one:

I tried to stick to trailers that were based on games, though I had to include the one for ThunderCats because it was so well made.  The use of Garfield for Snarf was just pure genius.


In addition to the fan trailers, here’s a studio produced April Fools joke from a few years ago for The Legend of Zelda.  The only unfortunate thing was that they didn’t actually use the theme from the game.  I started to feel a chill at the 1:30 moment when they hinted at it, but they never followed through.  Too bad.

The Legend of Zelda