I posted my first interview with the new template over the weekend.  I learned two very important lessons from this interview:

1.  Make sure you push the button and SEE THE RED LIGHT before you start the interview.  We had a fantastic discussion for about 10 minutes, including detailed discussions of Brian’s favorite character class in Guild Wars.  Unfortunately, when I pushed the button to turn the camera off, I saw the red light come on and start recording.  After taking some time to lick my wounds, I returned to ask for a second interview.  Fortunately, he was gracious enough to grant me a second interview.

2.  Get either a shotgun or lavalier microphone.  One of the problems with doing an interview on a convention floor is the background noise.  I’ve dealt with background noise before, but I’m used to a consistent hum.  Unfortunately, the inconsistent noise of the convention floor makes it hard to use the noise removal tool in Audacity.  The way to get rid of the noise is simply to get rid of the noise!  The next few videos that I produce will have the same problem, but I recently purchased the audio equipment that (I hope) will solve that problem.