A dear friend gifted me several games on Steam over the Christmas holiday, and among them was a small indie title called “Burn Zombie Burn.”  The game is a nice (and somewhat graphic) throw-back to the old Zombies Ate My Neighbors title on the Genesis.  It plays almost like Alien Swarm, with stylized graphics reminiscent of Plants vs. Zombies.

I’ve been playing the hell out of this game!  The short nature of each session makes it ideal for anyone wanting to burn 15-20 minutes.  At the same time, unlocking all of the available content takes long enough that one can easily chew through an evening with it.

In addition to Burn Zombie Burn, this same friend gifted me Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 on Steam.  I can’t wait to chew through those two games.  I’ve been waiting a long time to get a game that grants me a good narrative, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about this series.

Thank you, Rich.  I really appreciate it.