Tomorrow is the last day of the fall semester.  I’ve enjoyed my two most recent classes, but I am ready to be done.  This winter break will be good for me, as it will allow me to catch up on my artwork and finish off some of the many videos I have planned.  I can’t believe the amount of footage I’ve compiled.

I’m also going to start playing Second Life soon, as two of my classes for the spring semester will be held in-game.  I think it is going to be interesting having class meetings and lectures in the program.  I’m also interested in what I can do to animate in that environment.  I know that some of the poser formats (bvh, specifically) can be imported to the program.  I would like to know about objects, and also what constraints there are on the texture editing.  Only time and research will tell.

Today’s image is a test of a chain mail model I recently purchased.  The interesting thing is that the links are a basic mesh; it is the displacement map that makes it look like chain.