I just bought my tickets for GenCon and PAX, and while making the purchase I had a moment of nostalgia from PAX 2009.  The first night at the restaurant, meeting the whole crew, the “Pitch Your Game Idea” contest, Kicklefest…

Kicklefest.  What a wonderful experience; the completion of the game was so epic.  Check it out:

After the big finish, I started thinking about what can be done to hype KickleFest 2010.  I imagined a one-minute video explaining the story, with a segue into a few Kickle action sequences.  The pacing that I envisioned was similar to the pacing for the Avatar: the Last Airbender Season 3 Trailer.

Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on how you look at it — a lot of other things happened that got in the way of the video.  I tried bringing back Gaming on a Budget, but I discovered the limitations of that format in my commentary.  I started up this blog, took a shot at a game convention art show, went back to school, and started a project on NoobToob to make a Kickle Cubicle engine for the PC.  This third one is important; I think the guys over in the NoobToob community have done an amazing job of keeping the project going.

While I have been able to get a lot of artwork done, I would still like to go back and make that video in the coming year.  This is one reason why I am so looking forward to PAX; I’d like to get together with a few of my fellow noobtoobers and see if we can get the background stuff laid out.  Between the musical talent and the voice work, I think we can make something happen.