We had a bad storm on Friday that brought about a power outage. Unfortunately, the damage is bad enough that our power wasn’t restored for two days.

I am reminded of a game of dungeons and dragons that I played during my Navy days.  Our DM was building on a Forgotten Realms timeline where all magic was lost.  He didn’t let us know that he was planning this when we created our characters.  Thus, when I created a magic-weilding character (If I recall, it was a cleric of the god of hunting), I found myself frustrated by the loss of ability.  We didn’t get far into the campaign before it was abandoned by the DM for something new, but the lesson was learned; since that incident, I’ve never made a character that was so dependent on one aspect or ability.

It’s fascinating how much we have become dependent upon electricity, the “magic” of our time.  The loss of simple things like running water (made possible by an electric pump), electric lights, air conditioning, and internet access can send us into disarray.  At times like this I am pleased my mother taught me to live in a minimalist fashion, and to find resources where they are available.  The sun(light), YMCA(shower), and Panera Bread(food and internet connection) should deliver the luxuries that I’ve come to rely upon.

My family is vacationing in Seattle at this time; I took them to the airport just this evening.  Though I am happy that they are enjoying their time and that they aren’t here during the outage, it rips my guts out every time they leave.  I count myself fortunate that work, school, art show preparations and game research will keep my mind off of it.

The image above is one that I plan to enter in the art show, both as an 8×10 and as a small stereoscopic image.  It seems fitting for this time; everything has been ripped away, at least for now.