I suppose I should have realized that starting a new game the night before a class was a bad idea.   In my defense, I was helpless.  Mini Ninjas crept up and attacked me from behind.  Backstab, x4 multiplier.  I didn’t have a chance.

Mini Ninjas has a lot going for it.  Its game play is solid, and I never feel like I can’t make the character do what I want it to do.  The progression path is well measured, too.  You start with a rudimentary set of skills, and you slowly build from there.  The storyline (so far) is interesting, simple, and not convoluted.  And the characters are adorable!

I’ve decided that, instead of eschewing games altogether this semester, I’m going to set clearly defined goals each night for my homework, and allow the game to serve as my reward for completing my work.  I’ll let you know how it works out.