I’ve cut back a bit on my Kickstarter contributions.  I still like hanging out on the site and helping people with their projects, but there’s only so much money to go around.  Also, when it comes to video games, it seems that I can just buy the game after market once the Kickstarter is successfully funded.

I did notice a Kickstarter, however, from the maker of the original Megaman.  Check it out:

Mighty Number 9

I don’t think I will be contributing to this one, but I will likely follow it anyway to track its progress and release date.  If you are a Megaman fan, you might want to do the same.

UPDATE: One of my favorite webcomics, Dueling Analogs, does a lot of Megaman related comics.  If you like Megaman and want a laugh, just look up “Rejected Megaman Villains.”  They made this one about Mighty Number 9.