I just returned from GenCon, and I have to say that this was my best show yet.  I broke bread with some good friends, and sold some art to some of my best customers.

Similar to the lead-up to Origins, I tried out some new things for this year’s show.  First, I decided to bring mousepads and posters this year, and had reasonable success with them.  I made enough sales to cover the cost of the full print order, and I will be able to order replacements for them.

I’m getting more and more repeat customers.  This is a good thing, as it forces me to constantly produce new content so that they have something new to enjoy.  When going to the same show year after year, repeat customers do a great job of keeping the fire under my butt to produce more work.

To all of my repeat customers out there: Thank you.

I was also able to make contact with another artist who makes custom playmats.  After discussing it with him, I think I am going to be able to sell custom playmats of my artwork in future shows.  I think this is going to be an exciting opportunity for the fans of my work, particularly those who also play collectable card games.

So far, I’ve never had a decrease in sales, year over year, at any show.  Like Origins, I got a solid commission coming out of the show that put me over the top. That’s not to say that I made much, but the trend is still going in the right direction.