A few years ago, I met a lovely young lady at Origins while attempting to get pictures of costumes.  She had a nice steampunk outfit and an engaging personality.

After I took her picture, she approached and handed me a bookmark.  I asked what it was for, and she explained that it was for a steampunk novel called Thomas Riley.  At first, I misunderstood and thought that the bookmark was a business card, and this misunderstanding led me to start thinking about the business cards that we use.  My initial hunch was that every author’s business card should be a bookmark of his or her latest book.

But then I got to thinking about game designers, and what they should use as business cards.  It seems obvious that a video game designer would do well to have his/her game on a business card-sided USB Drive.  Unfortunately, that could get quite expensive.  Perhaps business card CDs would be better.  Anything to get the game into their hands.

What do you think?  Also, what about board game/table top game designers?  Do you think they would be able to produce a game small enough to fit into a business card holder?