Occasionally, I have to “go back to my roots” and remember why I created this blog.  Not long after the Sandy Hook shooting, I went back and re-read my first blog entry.  I would encourage you to read it as well; it’s fairly relevant to what we are seeing in the news today.

One of my fears when creating this blog was that I would be preaching to the choir.  I want this blog to serve as a long term message to both gamers and non-gamers about the value of games.

I think one of the problems with keeping on the “serious face” all of the time is that it makes the maintenance of this blog a chore.  As I suggested in my last post, I don’t want to continue doing something that I don’t enjoy.  I want this site to matter as much as I think games matters, but I also want to get delight in my work.  In order to gel these two things together, I am making some changes to the way I run this site and my time in the coming year.

Now, I wrote in my last post that I was planning to take a crack at new year resolutions.  I haven’t been big on new year resolutions, but I thought I would give it a shot this year. I’ve decided to post them here, and track their progression until the end of the year.  I figured doing it this way would give me a constant reminder of the goals that I set.  So here goes.

In 2013, I will do the following:

1) Design one game in GameMaker.

2) Complete 12 pieces of 3D digital art for the art shows.

3) Complete 12 pieces of brush-pen art for the art shows.

4) Complete one (and only one) blog entry per week, and place more emphasis on the importance of games in society.

I feel like I should have more on this list, and I suppose that is a good indicator that it’s just enough.  If I am successful at completing this list, I’ll be a little more bold in the future.