One of the things that I really appreciated about the Wii marketplace is the fact that it is free.  I can participate in online play without paying any special fees.  Now, I acknowledge that I haven’t played many online games on the Wii; Mario Kart Wii was probably the last one.  But I like to know that the possibility is there.

I am going to get my WiiU as soon as possible, and it will be nice NOT having to pay a monthly fee to get at the games that I want.  I don’t know if the WiiU is going to be the greatest console, but I do know that it has the potential to be really innovative.  It’s worth my money to participate in that experience.  I get that I am a little late in pointing this out, but I think it is important that I don’t let it pass me by; I really appreciate that Nintendo is making it easier to embrace their console.

Good show, Nintendo.