So if you recall, I was somewhat disappointed by the Magic 2013 set.  There was too much splashiness in the set, and a lot of damage was done to the potential for a Standard Superfriends deck.  Given that I had to work on my portfolio for school, I figured I’d take a break from the game for a while.

Well, the Return to Ravnica set has been released, and I am back in the game.  I love multicolored sets, and Return to Ravnica is one of the better ones.  The set also brings back a lot of the pure-utility cards that any deck needs.  It almost makes me think they planned to take the utility out of the core set to make room for it in the expansions.  They’ve given us a better board-wipe with Supreme Verdict, and they’ve given us a variety of useful tools with the charms.  Further, they’ve brought back the shock lands, opening up to doors for more standard players to function within the modern environment.

Speaking of the Modern format, Wizards announced today thay they are releasing the Modern Masters set this summer.  According to the site, this is a 229 card set of reprinted cards, all modern legal.  Also, the set will include Tarmogoyf.

When I hear about this type of thing, the first thing that comes to my mind is “uh-oh.  It’s Chronicles 2.”  Fortunately, Aaron Forsythe wrote an article addressing that specific issue, and was certain to point out that it would be an extremely limited run.

Personally, I love the modern format, and will likely pick up a couple of boxes.  Even if we don’t play much modern, this will go a long way toward helping me create a Commander/EDH deck.  It should be pretty exciting.