So a friend approached me at the Art Booth at Gen-Con. We struck up a conversation, and at some point the topic of OnLive came about. It went something like this:

Him: “Did you hear about OnLive?”
Me: “No.”
Him: “They went bankrupt.”
Me: “WHAT?!”

After I returned home, I did some research. Apparently, the service was struggling, and they had to lay off several (all?) of their employees. There seems to have been some strangeness going on in the way the layoff was handled. In any case, they aren’t likely to be coming out with any new games anytime soon.

Like the Ouya, if I had to do it over again, I would. I believe in what OnLive tried (and is still trying) to do, and I think they will matter in the grand scheme of things. As long as they are around, I will keep the console out and keep playing the games that I bought; once they are gone for good, I will shelve – or possibly frame – and remember it as a little piece of gaming history.