This is an entry for the A to Z Challenge (see the sidebar for more information).  These are just some of my initial impressions on the Steam, GOG, and other online games throughout the month.  It is not as much of a review as it is a summary of my feelings on the game.

Sometimes I like to just fall back on a simple, high score driven games like Pac-Man Championship Edition or Geometry Wars.  No adventures, no special moves, no combos.  Just straight twitch.  When I need that fix, I resort to the flash games.

One of my favorite flash games is called Too Many Ninjas.  The premise is simple: you are a Samurai with a sword, and you have to fend off as many ninjas as possible.  As these ninjas fling themselves at you, they also fling throwing stars.

Actually, that about sums up the game, and this entry.