I spent the New Year holiday playing Rochard on Steam, and I have to say the game is great.

I recently posted a description of the game on Facebook, and I think this is an apt description:

Imagine the main character is Don Frye, give him an animated look similar to the heavy in TF2, and put him into a side-scrolling adventure similar to NyxQuest or Shadow Complex, and you have Rochard. Every time I see that name, all I can hear is Don Frye’s voice saying “Rock hard.”

After my father commented that he didn’t quite recognize the reference, I had to change the language a bit:

Imagine the main character is Hoss Cartright with Tom Selleck’s mustache, Animated in the style of the Incredibles, and you have Rochard.

Like many side scrolling games, this is a problem solving game interspersed with action.  Rochard’s gimmick is the gravity gun, a device that allows you to move boxes around as the puzzles required.  If you dig that kind of game, then I definitely recommend this.

By the way, I picked up this game for a friend recently, and he included his review here.  He gives a candid review of the game from a different perspective than my own.  When you get a chance, give it a listen.