I realized recently that, for the time that I’ve been doing this blog, I’ve never written about Good Old Games, found at www.gog.com.

In an old episode of Gaming on a Budget, I discussed the importance of details and layering in games.  The idea was that there is often more to the game than just the game itself.  Tabletop games often include foiled cards, novels, and backstories.  Video games often include side videos, unlockable art, and soundtracks.  And so on.  What I encourage in the video – and this blog post – is that you dig into your products to gain a greater appreciation of what’s been given to you.

It is in this area where GOG really shines.  The products you buy at Good Ol’ Games come with TONS of extras.  Many games come with soundtracks, artwork, comics, the manual (a rarity with online games), developer videos, and wallpapers.  In one instance, they give you a full length novel!

If you are interested in reliving the nostalgia of many of these games AND gain access to content you may not have had the first time, get over to GOG.com.