Firefall has received a lot of flack for their over-the-top advertising at PAX.  I don’t mind the advertising if the game is good, and this one looks great.  It reminds me of Monday Night Combat, with more of a “war torn” feel than a sports arena would normally have.  I’m interested to see how this type of action based control scheme will work in an MMO environment.  Who knows – it may be the next Tabula Rasa!

Here’s a short promo video…

…and here is some actual gameplay footage.

Today’s image is my homage to the silliness of the armor on the women in FireFall.  I mean, is it really beneficial to have body armor shaped like a one piece swim suit?  Also, is there any benefit to having that one leg exposed?  Apparently her skin is so thick that it doesn’t matter; If you look carefully when she slides under the bug at about the 1:57 point in the video, you’ll see her slide on her BARE leg.  She has the armor crap all over one leg, but apparently that’s too comfortable for this woman whose hair never gets mussed.

This reminds me of a great video of why most female armor sucks.