I had a discussion with another artist last year, and one of the things that he pointed out was the trends in the industry.  It seems that a few years ago everything had fairies.  A year later, everyone had mermaids.  And so on.  If you aren’t doing cards for a CCG or board game, then your best sales will likely come from the following:

  • Dragons
  • Faeries
  • Mermaids
  • Any type of anthropomorphic character
  • Kittens with wings (or, for that matter, any animal that doesn’t normally have wings, with wings).

I discovered some truth in this at Origins: my first sale ever was an anthropomorphic character I made last year to describe Second Life.   My second sale was a mermaid image that I created for an educational poster.   That’s fine.  I’m enjoying what I am doing, and I’ll deliver what the customer wants.  Hopefully it goes over well at GenCon.