The development of Age of Heroes is coming along nicely; I’ve worked our a lot of problems with the design, though I’m still working trying to work out any un-fun cards.  The biggest problem is always in creating a new experience from game to game.

I’ve run into an artistic snag, though.  It’s not that I can’t find art; I’m making the lion’s share of it, and it gives me good themes to build on for my own artwork.

No, my problem is that I’m considering a different approach to the artwork.  After making a “toony” styled comic for my Edutainment class,  I started thinking more and more about how this art style could be used in the game.  I have a LOT of cartoony models, and I’m seriously considering using a general cartoony theme for an upcoming set.

Of course, this does create one problem: how does one make kid-friendly, cartoony pictures of a vorpal sword and still show what the sword does?  I could always keep the current set as-is, and then build a kid-friendly set (with more tame weapons) in the future.   The problem is that this may either eat into the brand OR send a mixed message.  I’m still working it out.

What do you think?