This post is a brief description of an assignment from my Educational Games and Simulations class.  I had to come up with a toy that fit with the theme of my game.

My game idea, described in a previous post, involves manipulating the characters and space around the characters by “pinching” them.  Any toy that is made for my game, then, must be related to the effects on proportions and space in the game. With that in mind, I have two toy ideas.

The first is a squishing plush doll of the main character, Dash. It will have to be made of a materials that are elastic enough to return to their normal shape and size after being squished down. This fits with the space manipulation theme of “Pinch,” and allows the players to pretend they are pinching Dash as they play with the toy.

The second is a figurine that grows when it is placed in water. Similar toys can be purchased off-the-shelf today, so the technology is already there. There’s nothing particularly innovative with this toy, but it is a perfect match for the theme of “Pinch.” As the toy dries and shrinks back down, it fits right into the theme of the game.

What do you think of the idea?