My boy has played Bakugan for a while now, and he’s now dipping his toe into the world of Pokemon.

Many of you know how much I dislike the theme of Pokemon, but I’ve stumbled upon an interesting question: has anyone else ever noticed how collectible card games are the MMORPGs of tabletop games?

You constantly pay into the game to get the products that you want, you exchange your game components with other players, you often play the game with people that you do not know, but share have a sense of comraderie.  In addition, you do not “play” or finish CCGs and MMORPGs, you “get into” them.  They each have an addictive quality about them that keeps you playing, but it is also common for people to “get out” of them after a period of time.

Inevitably, we don’t stay gone.  We always relapse.  It’s like Michael Corleone; they keep bringing us back.