I played Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony on the PSP for a while after Christmas.  The name was fitting.

I remember playing a Dungeon Siege demo for the first Dungeon siege back in 2002 or 2003.  I was impressed by the graphics at the time, but the game still felt like a bit of a Diablo clone.  It still does, but it makes for nice bathroom gaming.

One of the things that is always frustrating about this type of game is the super fast nature of the gameplay.  Even though I generally like to play magic-using and/or summoning characters, I find that the game mechanics so strongly favor the melee characters that I have to act like one anyway.  There’s no time to do any spell casting or (heaven forbid) spell combos.

I started the game with a Allister, the battlemage, but at this point his best weapon and armor setup includes plate armor and (I kid you not) brass knuckles!  I think I am going to reroll for with Mogrim the Warlord; if I am going to be a melee character anyway, I might as well go all out.

Today’s image is actually a revisiting of an image I posted last year.  I made some adjustments to it for some 3D prints.  I like the newer, WoW-color scheme.  Unfortunately, the 3D print didn’t come out as well has I had hoped; the scales of the dragon get a little muddy in the lenticular image.  I’m probably going to reserve those prints for smoother, more mechanical images.