I just received an e-mail that that Patrick Stewart is going to be at Chicago Comic-Con.


I said at the end of last year’s Comic Con that I would not return unless I did so as an art exhibitor.  Now, I’m either going to have to go as a customer again (not likely) or get into the art show after all.

So far, they’ve announced an amazing celebrity list.  Here is the list of people I’d like to meet, along with what I would like them to sign:

Patrick Stewart – My copy of Demon Stone.
Bruce Campbell – My copy of “If Chins Could Kill.”
Felicia Day – I’d just like to get a picture with her on my 3D camera.
Louis Gossett Jr – The copy of JD’s Revenge that I would buy just for the occasion.
Gil Gerard – I’d just like to talk to him about sidekicks.  If I really geek out, I can tell him my syzygy story.

I haven’t heard much about the professional wrestlers that will be attending.  I missed a chance to get a shot of the Honky Tonk Man and the Iron Sheik last year.  If Sheiky Baby is there this year, I think I’d be willing to buy a picture of him putting me in the camel clutch.

But wait, there’s more!  The artists are going to include:
Larry Elmore
Jeff Easley
Greg Horn
Amul Kumar

Well, this should put the fire under my behind to get my artwork together for the show!  Fortunately it will be one of the last shows of the year, so I should have learned a few things from Origins and GenCon.