The NoobToob Army is having an invasion of World of Wacraft.

Unfortunately, I didn’t discover this until this week, and I don’t think I will bet that much out of it at this point. Also, I am much less interested in playing WoW than other MMORPGs.  I think it is my general predisposition toward the obscure that makes me more interested in playing those MMORPGs that are not at the top.

While we are on the topic, Penny Arcade had a pretty funny theory on Blizzard’s motivations behind World of Warcraft.  It actually explains a lot.

A Priori

Today’s image is one of my attempts to use the 3D Universe Toon Santa model for a dwarf character.  I tried it a while back, and I was generally happy with the results.  The difficulty occurs when I try to make him DO anything other than just stand there.  I’ll keep working on it.