This last week I had a Full Metal Alchemist marathon.  I’ve seen most of the episodes already, but watching them back to back made it a lot easier to keep track of the storylines.

One of the interesting – and sometimes frustrating – things about that show is the broad spectrum of styles that it uses. It has a lot of cool, cute moments that I would love to show to my wife or even my kids.  Unfortunately, these cute moments are complemented by horrific gore.  These transitions often happen within minutes of each other.  It’s interesting that, by creating an affectionate attachment to some of the characters, they are able to make the violence that much more meaningful.

I recently spoke with a relative about the FMA series, and she told me about the PS2 games made from the show.  If the Avatar: The Last Airbender games are any indication, I ought not pick them up.   I probably will anyway.