I received a DMCA takedown notice on my personal channel over the weekend for Gaming on a Budget Episode 4.  I had analyzed a small clip from The Princess Bride to explain the concept of Metagame, and I believe the Google autoscan found the clip in my video.

Unlike most people that get a DMCA against them, I’m not going to complain.  FOX was absolutely right in filing the takedown notice, and I was wrong for using their content.

This actually occurred to me during my first hiatus from the show.  During the introduction and closing of each section, I had used music without permission.  You’ll probably notice that, right around the time of the NyxQuest review, the format of the introduction had changed.  I started using an actual introduction, and the music was something that I purchased from PoserTrax explicitly for this purchase.  That is, I had purchased the rights to use it.

I always knew that, at some point, I would be taking down the Gaming on a Budget videos; it was just a matter of when.  I want to keep my personal channel, so because of the DMCA notice, I’m making all episodes prior to Episode 14 private.  Don’t worry, though; I will be producing more content soon.