It’s been a pleasant weekend.  Most of my time was devoted to school work, and I was able to get a lot done.  Last week we had to record a slide presentation with an audio track, and this week we are providing critical feedback to each other’s work.  I’ve really enjoyed the experience, as it has given me the opportunity to try out new software.

I have to say that I really like Camtasia Studio.  I’ve been wanting to make a tutorial series for the Age of Heroes game for a while now, and I think I have found the best way to make it happen.  I’m probably going to set it up in Magic WorkStation, and then just record using Camtasia.

I actually finished this week’s video early, so I earned myself some Mini Ninja time.  I love the way the achievements in that game encourage me to play it in different ways.  Initially, I found that I could get through the game handily without ever breaking away from Hiro, the main character.  However, I recently discovered the “Pied Piper” achievement, which requires that you make 50 enemies dance.  This encouraged me to explore the skill of other characters, including Suzume.  I now love making the enemies dance.  The achievement encouraged me to add that little extra bit of flavor to my gameplay.

Speaking of music, when you get a chance, go check out OboeCrazy’s channel on YouTube.  She’s putting out some really cool short musical pieces at 140 notes or less.  It’s like a musical Twitter (EDIT: which is probably why she called it a “Musiter”).  I think my favorite is #4, Shut Down.

Today’s image was inspired by the Suzume character, combined with the ninja I posted a few weeks ago.