“Daddy, come look at the game I just made!”

As I entered my 5-year-old son’s room, I saw the following:

Kickle Colorful

“It’s called “Kickle Colorful.” Apparently, the little yellow block is Kickle Colorful, and the Mega-blocks form the island that Kickle Colorful must clear.

Now, I’m not posting this to fill the stereotype of the parent that boasts about every little thing that his child does. The thing that pleased me most about this encounter was the fact that he was already seeing games as something to create, rather than just play. The thought of this didn’t occur to me until much later in life.

In related news, I just received my prize for the Kickle signature contest held at NoobToob earlier this year. It’s a Famicom version of Kickle Cubicle, complete with a box and instructions. The instructions are actually a small comic book that teaches you to play the game as you read through the story. Spiffy.